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    This SUCKS! I knew I wasn’t feeling 100% over the weekend but I certainly wasn’t prepared for no sound to come out when I tried to talk Monday morning. I mean, there was a sound but it was far from pleasant. More like Brenda Vaccaro after a night of chain smoking and whiskey drinking. Brutal. Sadly, I had a gig for 2 commercials booked and a last minute emergency call from my agent, that I had to turn down. I don’t think I have ever told a client that I couldn’t make it and have certainly never said no to my agent. I suppose that’s the silver lining in all of this, it was bound to happen sooner or later and thankfully, it hasn’t happened until now. I googled home remedies for laryngitis, started drinking hot water with honey, lemon, cayenne pepper and ginger but it didn’t help. I heard from another VO gal on facebook that her laryngitis lasted 3 days. 3 days? Nope, can’t have that. A script for antibiotics and a puffer have already started working. Let’s see if I can fake my way through today.


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